Alright. I was honest with mum and I’ll be honest on here. Part of my feeling down is that…

Ok, so I know that I kept doing gymnastics instead of starting karate sooner, partly in rebellion rather than an actual disinterest in karate. Oh fine — I remember feeling like I was dying to do karate, because it looked so cool, but I told myself that I would not “give in.” I’m sure my parents remember how scornful I would be of karate during discussions at the dinner table. Oh yes. I was that bad.

And now… I regret not starting sooner. Yes, it was all my fault, I know, I know, I know. Now, when I think back… Daddy and Paco used to compete… like, ALL the time. I mean, seriously, there was a tournament every couple of months, honestly. And I only ever missed ONE. But now I wish I’d been competing with them, instead of watching from the sidelines. Because I’m a black belt and I’ve only ever competed once, haha.

Well, what’s past is past, and I’ve got that out, so there. Time to turn to happier stuff.


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