just had a very good chat with nate. here’s part of it —

Nate:and ill check the vids

  i wanna see your test

 me: haha

 Nate: and tell you EVERYTHING YOU DID WRONG!




6:04 PM me: all the same, if you’ve any comments about how my style differs from yours, i’d like to hear them. :P last time you did it was over a year ago.

6:05 PM Nate: yah sure ill tell you whats different

  all styles different

  but there is no bad style

  i take that back

  there are those american dojos

6:06 PM run by guys who trained for two years

  at their gym

  and set up a dojo

  those are bad styles

  well not always

  but usually

 me: two videos are up

6:07 PM and yeah, usually. can’t you look up their belt number depending on what style they claim to be?

 Nate: hm?

6:08 PM me: nvm

6:09 PM Nate: you know if i said nice hips to most people theyd think i was hitting on them



 Nate: but im glad you guys use hips

 me: heck, yeah, we get told off by the older guys.

 Nate: many dojos dont

 me: if we don’t use em, i mean

 Nate: i mean, old styles never used to use them

6:10 PM but I dont see how youd make power without them

  youd hurt yourself badly

6:11 PM me: that’s what i don’t get about tae kwan do

  they don’t use their hips do they?

 Nate: no idea

  never studied tae kwan do

  but that would be painful

  like OWWWW


6:12 PM me: they go for the speed. but i don’t get where their power would come from if they don’t use their hips

 Nate: but hips are way fast

  oh man its all about hand speed combined with hips for power

6:13 PM me: oh, i know, i know, GM pak has a whole page devoted to how using the hips increases speed, but all i know is, in tae kwan do, when they do a combination like low block, reverse punch, high block, they just twist their shoulders, they don’t turn their hips at all, i don’t get it.

6:14 PM Nate: shoulders?

  why shoulders

  why why why

 me: no idea

6:15 PM :P my instructor calls tae kwan do the lazy way.

 Nate: haha i could see that

6:16 PM Nate: you guys dont emphasize extending punches do you?

 me: extending how?

  i’m not sure i know what you mean

 Nate: like punching for distance

  and fully completing your punch before moving on

  im just looking at your punches

6:17 PM and the person standing next to you

  and you dont seem to drive your punches

  the look more like glancing blows

  tho it could just be the vid

 me: it probably isn’t

  i suppose we ought to take double care in testing

  but it turns out we honestly do better in class

  normally we’d be reprimanded for that

6:18 PM result of fatigue.

 Nate: oh i understand

  black belt test is tough

  hard work

6:19 PM me: and it was a hot day and the doors were open cuz they don’t have AC, just fans. (not to make excuses, just explaining the situation as it was.)

 Nate: i gtg

ill cya later

 me: ook



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