Chapters 1 through 5

1. Orual’s tone seems to be sort of bitter… Bitterness against Glome and its gods, possibly its tongue. Also, it is clear that she loves the Fox very much, so perhaps she also seeks to honor him through her writing as he taught her.

2. The Fox seems to… not exactly scorn… He seems to disapprove of his own homesickness, and tries to suppress his longing by saying those things like that the world is one big city. He believes that one has a right to suicide. And I can’t think of a better way to word it, but it’s almost as if he wishes to believe the gods devoid of feelings.

I think it would be quite natural to feel as an exile when one is in a place with a language and custom and climate that one is unused to. To speak of things merely mortal, it would be quite a nice philosophy to try and apply to one’s life, to suppress any feelings of homesickness that would drain energy that one might be putting into other things… But the merely mortal view aside, we are all exiles on this earth.

Envy is a human feeling. Why would God have such a feeling? He is all-powerful. There is nothing that He has need of that he would envy anyone else’s having possession of.

Certainly the ‘gods’ are misinterpreted by humans. He does not say “The gods are,” he says “The gods you are thinking of,” so that could mean that he is referring to the stories humans make up about gods and how they, being conceived by human minds, are deceiving. Or maybe I’m thinking of how I would mean it if I said it. :P

3. Trom is one of those people that, at first glance, is the sort of person you almost right away hate, and it’s very easy do so the way Orual is painting him, of course… but try to look beyond that and I think that Trom is a very insecure, weak person, and that his tempers and boastful words are simply his way of trying to hide how lost he is inside. Ah, honestly, though, I have no pity for Trom. I dislike him very much.

The Fox is a tricky sort of person… I think there is a quiet fear that he hides behind his philosophies and such. Oh, he’s very likable. His quiet words have a sort of strength that Trom’s temper doesn’t. I’d be very inclined to trust the Fox if I felt lost in my own views of the gods, etc. But there are little things that Orual mentions that make me think he is not so sure of himself as it seems. I would not stake my whole life on the Fox’s words. But I think he’d make a good friend to discuss things with. Haha.

Orual is… bitter. There’s just no getting around that. She can be over-protective, I think. She loves honestly. She is wary. And she writes as if there is a great heaviness on her heart. And there is most definitely anger. Some of it is the kind that is just a quick flash and then all over, but there is also the white hot anger that builds and is bottled up inside, and is very, very difficult to cool. She does not seem to be one for forgiveness. I think forgiveness might prove her stumbling block. But Orual seems to be good at adapting to the situation. That is not to say that she likes it, but she… she just deals with it. ‘Course, she’s hung up on something, else she wouldn’t be writing all this down… but I don’t suppose that I mean dealing with something to be the same as moving on. Difficult to explain… there: Orual is a puzzle. Kind of. Ah! She hides. Yes, she hides, that’s it. Kind of like me, I think… like, hiding behind ‘tough,’ but tends to be vulnerable inside, and she recognizes that weakness, but tries all the harder to hide it. I think that being aware of that weakness gives her no peace. Or, haha, am I turning her into me? :D

Psyche… she’s very trusting. She loves unconditionally. She is humble. She’s a simple person, but that’s not the same as simple-minded. I think she’s a… she’s an intelligent person that does not seek to be the center of attention. :D She’s a could-be celebrity that doesn’t want to be.

Redival… wow. Talk about pure spite. And she’s.. what’s the phrase? Something about being as changeable as a weathercock? Something like that. She uses her charm to get out of stuff. She also uses it to get in. I think she’s rather disgusting, the way she says one thing one day, and sings a different tune another. She sucks up to people.


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