Well, it’s a very short video, but IT’S STILL FR. CELSUS!!!!!

It’s from the Homily on Friday night’s Mass.

And here’s where we’re singing Glory —

And here — YFC Cinci is actually in this video!!! You have to look real hard because it goes by quickly, but those girls in white in the third row are Kim, Mariel, me, Lexi, Ate Hazel, and Gabriella.

This next one, we’re singing I Give My All, and I love how you can hear the Brothers and Sisters alternating lines… Besides just loving everything else about it…

Oh Muahaa, here’s from Friday’s before the Mass random worship, that I blogged about in full… see two posts down titled “It Is About Time”

Some of this next one was most definitely in a direct line behind us… so I’m trying my best to spot Gabe and Jorrel and Kuya Vin, but it’s so hard to tell… still… I spotted one Brother we met, though I can’t remember his name… I feel ashamed…:P It was the guy we met with Kuya Spencer.. hehe, that doesn’t help, eh… My fav is when we’re singing Whom Shall I Fear and the refrain starts and arms go up (:P if you could tell by arms, you’d most definitely spot us) and everyone starts jumping… I remember that was just… wow. Like you felt like crying right then and there… just because it was so beautiful and so amazing and so powerful… like if one tried to use the term ‘heartbreak’ to mean something positive, it would be right there… and once you reached that point, it just continued, like your heart was crying and you couldn’t stop the flow… but you didn’t want to, you just wished you could express it in infinitely better ways than reaching your hands as high as you could and singing so you felt like your voice would break and you wondered if anyone could hear the tears in your heart in your voice, and you could almost want the tears to come… I just… I still feel an echo of it watching that video…


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