On the whole, I’m glad I didn’t get to go to the household on Saturday. And I’m not looking forward to the household next weekend. Or the weekend after that.

I shan’t elaborate much… simply that I’ve been having a dreadful mix of emotions — happiness, relief, overall joy, but coupled with anger, bitterness, disgust, much pain, confusion, and just plain bleh.

At any rate, I’ve vented… to mom, to dad, to Michelle, to Nate… They’ve all cheered me up (and on) considerably. All the same, though; I can’t say I’m looking forward to the following weekends. At present, I would much rather be alone with my family.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a blast yesterday and the day before!!!!

Mariel and Jon were over on Sunday, and we hung out, mostly in my room, for around 4 hours or so. Pretty awesome. It’s really nice to be with a big group of people, but every now and then, it’s even nicer to just have a few. The fun we had! Jon took every single sharp (or that simply looked sharp) thing I had in my room and killed everything: My teddy bears, he beheaded with the battlepike of Rose Eyes. My escrimas, my competition staff, and Mariel, he ‘slashed’ and ‘beheaded’ with my kamas. My carpet and teddy bears, he beat mercilessly with my staff and walking stick (the one from Bushkill Falls with the sharp pointy end). He did also use the staff and escrimas to teach us Math. (We didn’t learn anything. Probably because he abruptly ended the lesson with “I forget.”) And he terrorized Mariel and I with my violin. He also ‘rode’ my staff like a broomstick all over the room. And tied everything (and everyone) together with orange yarn while being a cat that spoke in unintelligible yowlings and screeches and beseeching whines. (IOW he was chasing it around the room, on his hands and knees, and that’s how we all got tangled up in it.) We spent some time untangling ourselves and everything else (the hairbrush, the books, Mariel, me, the guitar, the trinket boxes, and the bed [oh, yes, he “cat-leaped” up onto my loft bed, if you’d like to call it that, or, you can merely say “climbed” and imagine him doing so with a little ‘spring’ to it]), and then he went back to sharp pointy things.

MEANWHILE! Mariel and I… allowed ourselves to be tied up and slashed and cut up and terrorized, etc. You should’ve heard us laughing.. I was literally rotf. We also jammed (recorded Glory) and had a nice long sister chat (when Jon wasn’t around) and just had an awesome time catching up and clearing up stuff and all that. Ah, ah! And I’m teaching her violin. And she can play the first song in the book already. :D

Had cake and ice cream and pizza… LOTS OF PIZZA. and awesome decadent chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. and vanilla and chocolate ice cream. and rainbow sherbet. AND MORE PIZZA. and soda, of course.

Yesterday, Kuya Vin and Ate Candice were over for our apologetics class… YAYYYY we’re going to be having one every week!!!! I GET TO SEE THEM EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY!!!! Haha. We had a majorly good discussion on the Canon of the Bible, both the Palestinian and Alexandrian, the founding of the Church and the democratic, aristocratic, and theocratic forms of government, Martin Luther and the Reformation… so much, so much!!! I’m so excited about the next class!!!!


One comment

  1. “And he terrorized Mariel and I with my violin”

    should be: “And he terrorized me and Mariel with my violin”


    The Grammar Police

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