Well, I had my first experience calling someone due to an order placed online with my card. Rotfl. Hehe, I heard her voice and I’m like, “Oy. That’s a Pinay accent..” and so she asked for the order number, my name, etc. … and then she ended up talking to mum. (I can’t handle these things. BWAHAHAHAHA.) So mum asked if she was Pinoy and if she spoke tagalog… and afterwards, I was talking to mum about how when I hear someone speaking with a Pinoy accent, I feel more comfortable when they speak tagalog to me, and I’ll speak it back, and we were just laughing kasi tinanong na nga ni mum kung nagtatagalog siya, tapos hindi pa nag tagalog na lang… Hehe I was like, “Well, they probably think it’s more ‘professional’ to speak in English, but, honestly…” and mum agreed, but, yeah…

Weird, eh? Anyway… I attended a short meeting with the choir yesterday night. It was really good seeing everyone again, and I got to introduce the twins to mum and dad. :D That was fun.

Oh, so, yeah! I’ve ordered my iPod!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Lol. Along with… other things…

Kk, I’m going back to my baking! Cya!


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