more driving…

yesterday. to the bank. bwahahahahaha i went upstairs yesterday and left my aim on, and when i get back, todd erb’s actually on and saying.. well. —

(10:30:00 pm): hey
(10:30:01 pm): its todd
(10:30:07 pm): from karate
(10:30:13 pm): remember
(10:30:42 pm): i kno we havent talked in like 4ever but
(10:30:55 pm): u dont have to ignore me

at which point i tumble into the chair, flick the mouse to get the screensaver to stop, and bwaha, here’s what i find, and i just can’t stop laughing.

i guess that sounds weird. :P useless to try and explain, i suppose. suffice to say, todd’s on about once in a blue moon, so, basically, i was in a good mood by the time i went to bed last night. he’s 6’2″ now!!!! freaky…

ben-hur goes well. i’m on chapter 15 of book 4. and mum borrowed the dvd. i HAVE to finish the book before that thing needs to be returned to the library, and it’s NOT the sort of book you can speed read because it’s just PACKED with information, details, that would be, just, totally WRONG to the point of SACRILEGE to skim, you just… you just can’t. period. you’d be doing major injustice to a majorly beautiful book. ’nuff said.

anyway, i’m not going to be online tonight… just gonna check my email, my other email, weeworld, meez, the forum, facebook, multiply, bravewriter, see if i’ve anything else i want to blog, double check if anyone in the pinas is on yahoo just in case, and then i’m scheduled to call dev and talk for a few hours because we haven’t talked in nearly a month. or has it been more? i’m not sure, actually… deff a really long time. so, obviously, we NEED a couple hours. :D

what else is new? i dunno. i found john on facebook. happy!!! his summer’s going well. just relaxing at home. let me see… i know i’ve been finding lotsa ppl on fb lately… oh, sarah!!! yeah, i found sarah from edgewood. so it turns out the blackburns and the kinneys are the only ones moving, so, yeah…

oh, bwaha. i gotta share this… i just think it’s funny…

basically, here’s my profile pic on fb right now —


Sarah Connor (Abington Heights High School) wrote
at 3:03pm on July 8th, 2007

this is suchh an awesomee picture :]


Aisa Patag wrote
at 3:22pm on July 8th, 2007

hehe thnx… actually, that was taken when we were still living over there!!!! yeah… that was in my bedroom. *sniff*


Devin K.T. McIntyre (Phoenix, AZ) wrote
at 4:45pm on July 8th, 2007

oh yeah…that’s how i remember your hair being. :D


Aisa Patag wrote
at 6:06pm on July 8th, 2007

:P yupp. in about three years, it’ll be that way again! grrrr.


Paolo Gabriel (Sycamore High School) wrote
at 8:00pm on July 8th, 2007

Are you…cutting yourself with an ear bud?


Nick Wise (no network) wrote
at 9:04pm on July 8th, 2007

lol! thats what I was wondering…


Aisa Patag wrote
at 10:42pm on July 8th, 2007

rotflwtime is that what it looks like? it’s a reflection off the blade of one of my mini katanas. sheesh.


Mary Johnston (Fort Wayne, IN) wrote
at 10:33am on July 9th, 2007

I thought it was a syringe (sp?) or something. ew.


Aisa Patag wrote
at 10:59am on July 9th, 2007



Nick Wise (no network) wrote
at 11:23pm on July 10th, 2007

so your like, a mini katana master? awesome!


Aisa Patag wrote
at 11:16am

bwahahahaha yeah. there’s not much to it, you know, just stabbing motions and hiding it behind your wrist sort of thing…. like a tanto…. you know? *makes stabbing/hiding gestures*


Mary Johnston (Fort Wayne, IN) wrote
at 12:10pm

ha ha ha!


one of these days i’m gonna put a copy of the last word thread on here, cuz i just have to have a backup of that thing… right now, it looks like eric’s winning, but nate’s off somewhere and not paying attention, and ppl like nick and stu have given up trying to help out, i gather, and paolo… paolo’s just too intelligent for everyone, i gather, so eric and nate more or less kicked him off. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

good timezzz….


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