we had the Sisters’ Fellowship. We went swimming!! Funnnn. Here are the pics.

We sang Whom Shall I Fear, Refiner’s Fire, and Now That You’re Near for worship. Mariel led prayer. Then we walked to the pool. :D Let me see here… Altogether, it was me, Lexi, Mariel, Gabriella, Kim, Kristina, Frances, Aya, and Candisse. Tita Jinky was there, chaperoning, and it turns out that Matthew as already at the pool. At the end of it all, we convinced Frances to lead part of the closing prayer. I’m so proud of her!!!

Next weekend, we have an Upper Household. I’ve no idea where that’s going to be. I thought Mariel was next on the list, but that’s because I’ve got the Sisters’ Directory, and that lists Gabriella and Kim in the Ks as they requested, but on the official YFC Directory, apparently they’re still listed in the Ts, and so by that list, they come after Kuya Vin. I had hoped that it would be at Mariel’s because I’ll be going to something at Michelle’s house before the household…

We were watching Princess Bride last night. *sigh* I know I oughtn’t laugh so hard during the wedding, because if you think about it, it’s rather making fun of the Church and the Priests etc., but it is hilarious…

So it turns out Mariel is not going to be at the Fellowship on the 21st!!! What on earth are we going to do…

Heather over at Chocolate Bytes was kind enough to link to some of my posts on Baking Delights. Ah! Which reminds me, I must call upon the YFC to fulfill their promise of comments on those cookies I brought to the Core Group Meeting. LOL.

Haha, I was chatting with Nick last night. We were talking about Fight Science, among other things. And weapons. And HBs of FB. Bwee hee hee.

Life goes on… I’m starting a new class tomorrow for English. Should be interesting. In fact… I’ve got to go check out what’s going on there. I think I have to introduce myself or something. Haha.

Wow, I have MAJOR catching up to do on journal entries, don’t I? I’m too lazy to go upstairs and get my journals, though… Well, everyone upstairs is napping, anyway, so mamaya na lang…

Oh, haha, I was attempting to… wait, I’ll just show you guys the thread. Basically, I posted a pic of Tito Jun and Tito Miel, and the caption was “… tawa ng tawa… hehe talagang walang tapos sa tawa… at hindi kaming bata, ah, yung mga ‘matatanda’ ang LAKAS. bwahahahahaha!!!”

So… here’s the thread —

Mary Johnston (Fort Wayne, IN) wrote
at 9:25pm on June 29th, 2007

what language are you speaking?


Aisa Patag wrote
at 9:50pm on June 29th, 2007

tagalog, mary.


Kimberly Patricia wrote
at 10:43am on July 6th, 2007

ais what are you saying???!!??

“laugh…laugh…. hehe something something laugh… something something bwahahaha” what?

…well, made a perfect sense to me! hehe jk


Aisa Patag wrote
at 11:52am on July 6th, 2007

:D i said something like, “they were laughing and laughing… there was no end to the laughter… and it wasn’t us kids, oh, it was the adults that were LOUD. bwahahahaha…”

or something like that. lol. kinda hard. if i translated it as literally as possible, it prolly wouldn’t make any sense.


Aisa Patag wrote
at 12:00pm on July 6th, 2007

ok…. i’m gonna try.

tawa — laugh

ng — this one is hard… it could be ‘of’ or ‘is’ or… i really don’t know how to translate this one literally. so many different ways i could use it in a sentence, i can’t really tell you…

talagang — ‘talaga’ is.. something like ‘really.’ it’s hard to explain when you add an the ‘ng’ at the end.

walang — ‘wala’ is ‘no’ as in ‘none’ … so, like, if i said ‘walang hiya’ (which you might’ve heard me say before) it means ‘no shame’ k? again, i can’t explain where the ‘ng’ at the end comes in.

tapos — ‘tapos’ could either mean ‘end’ or ‘and then’ but in this case, i meant ‘end’

sa — to

at — and

hindi — not. so if i said ‘hindi ako’ it means ‘not me’

kaming — ‘kami’ is… ‘us’ ? or ‘we’ so if i wanted to say ‘we were sleeping’ i’d say ‘natutulog KAMI’ and once again, the ‘ng’ at the end thingy…

bata — kids, young ones, younger ones, little ones, etc. lol.
ah — ‘ah’ is just a sound. lol. like ‘oh’


Aisa Patag wrote
at 12:06pm on July 6th, 2007

yung — it comes off as something like ‘the’ so if i said ‘yung bata’ it would be ‘the child’ or ‘that child’ but… hmm… it could be used as ‘the’ or ‘that’ or ‘those’ etc… it’s not really either singular or plural.

mga — ohh man.. hang on. ok, i think ‘mga’ is definitely plural. like, if i said ‘mga bata’ it would definitely mean ‘THOSE’ kids, or ‘mga tao’ it would definitely mean THOSE people. yep. but i can’t definitely define it as ‘those’ and it’s not even really suppose to come off as ‘those adults’ because that sounds kind of.. accusing? in english, and i deff didn’t use it in an accusing tone. lol. gah. ask the adults. ‘yung mga matatanda.’ bwahahahah.

matatanda — adults, old people, oldER people, etc…

ang — oh boy. uhm… if i said ‘ikaw ang’ something, i guess it would mean ‘you are’ something. so… ‘are’ ? i guess?

lakas — loud. noise.

bwahahahahahahahahaha — do i need to translate this? :P lol.

Haha. So there’s that…

Did I mention a heck of bunch of the 4real moms are on It’s hilarious! and super cool. I haven’t checked them all out yet. Here’s a list, courtesy of one of the moms.

That bluebottle that I mentioned the last time I blogged is still buzzing around. How pathetic. :D At least it isn’t bothering me, anymore.

The Catholic Teen Forum that Asher started up is going well. We got Trip and Emily K. back on. Right now, things are a little bit dead, there, since we’re in the process of reviving old threads, and there aren’t that many of us that sign in on a regular basis… oh, I do miss the 4real teen forum so much.

I’m drowning in Apps on FB!!! Insane-ness. It’s so hard to turn down invitations, you know? But honestly, I got three invites to Zombie, and one of them was Sean, but c’mon, I know it’s Sean… but I’m not interested in turning people into zombies over the internet!! Lol. But I love Boombox. Such a convenient App. Except for the fact that the choice of music is limited.. but that’s ok. And Superpoke rocks!! Someone FINALLY roundhouse-kicked me!! Sheesh! Hahaha.

So I found out that one of my FB friends that I met through Dev is going to be all over Cinci for 3 weeks, and going to PKI. Pity I didn’t meet up with her when I was in AZ; then we might’ve had a reason to meet up while she’s here. Oh well.

What else is new…?? Hmm… Oh, Unc’s in the Pinas. I forgot. He left on Saturday. That’s pretty much it…


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