so, all skirts this month has so far been going really well for me. i’ve been able to practice kamas and escrimas and one steps in skirts. well, i kinda had a hard time with the one steps. there’s this bluebottle buzzing around and driving me nuts and i can’t concentrate on this post, honestly. lol.

i was chatting with paige and sarah and paolo. ryan blackburn has moved back to england, apparently. woww. and paige is moving, too!! well, same school district, but yeah, leaving edgewood. *sigh* sarah DID break her finger!!! so she can’t punch anything that hard. and her breaks at testing were jump back kick, round kick (instep), and ridge hand. dang, i’d love to try a ridge-hand. would be fun. not the round kick, though… so testing went well.. sarah said it was the easiest test ever. i know amy and sean and lyndon all missed it, though. oh, kenny joined fb. bwahahahaha. he posted a pic of dad. oh, and of his truck.

which reminds me… i drove to walgreens and back yesterday. funnn. 20 minutes of driving. awesome-ness. only the second time i’ve been on the main road. lol.

wow, major multi-tasking. gmail, facebook, meez, weeworld, multiply, aim, yahoo, the forum…. i think that was it. well, two gmail accounts. lol. the mommeez are funny. they’re so cool. i still haven’t checked out all of them.

ladies’ fellowship tomorrow. can’t wait. i’m bringing cookies. funn. so life goes on…

oh, i went outside late last night and finished up all the sparklers with the kids. it was a lot of fun. and today we went to the park. hm… i gotta post the pictures. :D we were on the swings. happy!!! i like that park.

so what else is new? hmm… working on jesu, joy of man’s desiring on violin. i can play up to measure 40. from there.. yeah, i get lost. haha. well, i’ll work on it.

oh! i was chatting with nick, too! hehe next time i see him, we’re going to spar. yeshhhh

kk time for bed. today was a good day. :D


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