In the car. On the way home from Mass. Going to CFC GA afterwards. Yena is wearing a sun-flower-y dress (used to be mine).

Yena: I’m going to change when I get home.
Mom: ‘Wag na, ok na yung suot mo.
(Yena protesting softly.)
Migi: Yena, if you change, don’t wear a dress with flowers,
(Somebody asked “why?”)
Migi: Because bees will be attracted to you.
(Exclamations of disbelief.)
Migi: Yeah! I read it it in Body Sense and Body Nonsense.
(Dad said… something something, and so Mum explained that it was a book that tells myth from truth.)
Dad: Ah, so parang Myth Busters?
(Affirmative. Now we go into if bees will really be attracted to a dress???)
Migi: Yeah, it said bees are attracted to pictures of flowers, if it looks right, or if it smells right. So if Yena looks right, the bees will be attracted to her.
(Something something about looking/smelling right.)
Me: Hey, I’m gonna stick little pictures of flowers all over the yard and see if bees are attracted to them.
Mom: We can just put plastic flowers.
Me: Great. Fly-less yard.
Mom: (something in tagalog about making everything plastic. Even the trees.)
Dad: Tapos bibili na lang tayo ng Astroturf. Sige, hindi na kailangan mag-mow.
(Somehow, everyone in the van is either laughing hysterically (that would be me), giggling helplessly (that would be me, also), shaking with silent mirth (not just me), or grinning (that would be Daddy).
Me: I love my family.


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