Heh, this post isn’t going anywhere, so here’s what I wrote on Tenebrae MONTHS AGO, and never finished.


went really well. I got there at about 6:15. Dan went through my psalm with, and the twins arrived in the middle of it. When I was done, we got around to folding programs, and memorizing the Bellman’s Song while doing so. Three other people arrived while we were doing this. Amanda started going through her solo with Dan, and the rest of us got around to talking about classic literature (Little Women, Black Beauty, Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables Series, Bridge to Terabithia, Where the Red Fern Grows, Holes, The Whipping Boy, Jack London, Around the World in Eighty Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, A Wrinkle in Time Series, Narnia, everything LotR, Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland, The Door in the Wall, 1917, Secret of Nimh, Bud — Not Buddy, The Black Stallion Series, and so many more…) and that led us to talking about sci-fi, and that led to….

STAR TREK!!! WOOT! and that was mostly me and the twins. Bwahahaha. We started talking about novels (Federation, Sarek, Reunion, Ashes of Eden, Unification, books on Klingonese, so on…), and that led to specific episodes and movies (holy, we covered a LOT…), and that led to stuff such as autographed pictures (I got around to telling them about Leonard’s binder), and how… I think it was Michelle’s husband or the twins’ dad… I can’t remember now, anyway, whoever it was found the Falcon somewhere, a model of the Falcon, and he says he wants to buy it and insists that “It’s only $6,000!!!” and all these little stories… and all these led to….

Star Wars!! and the twins started telling me all about the books and how I just have to read them and I promised to find time for it and… so on.

So, folding went by in a jiffy, with all that we were talking about, and we were done in no time, and then”

And that was as far as I got. LOL. Overall, it was a good night, and I don’t feel like trying to complete that post… sorry. So, there it is… basta I did one of the psalms that night, and then I did the first verse of In Christ Alone for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday.

Lots has happened that I haven’t been blogging on… I’m sorry. I’ll try and get back to blogging at least once a week. At the moment, I’ve not much else to say besides the fact that no on is online. LOL.


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