was chatting with gabriella on gmail.. laughing my head off…

10:09 PM Gabriella: hey… since it’ll be saturday… should we have our household on friday then…?

10:12 PM Aisa, What’s up???

me: hey i’m back

lol i said i’d brb cuz yena needed me

Gabriella: Are you watching TV?

me: yes, we should have a household on friday if that’s alright

no, yena needed me to slice her a mango

10:14 PM Gabriella: do you miss Gabe & Paolo?

me: yeah

Gabriella: what about tito ver?

me: huh?

10:15 PM Gabriella: he is the hansomest tito in the world!!!

10:16 PM me: …

i miss tito leo


Gabriella: that was TITO VER

all the way from what’s up

me: wait what happened???

10:17 PM from Aisa, What’s up??

Gabriella: we are in the Alcayaga for house hold

me: that was tito ver???

Gabriella: yep

me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha rotflwtime

hello tito ver

musta po


10:18 PM Gabriella: hello! so i’m not guapo?

me: rotfl sorry, tito, mas guapo pa po si paolo

Gabriella: !!!!!!!!!!


10:19 PM Gabriella: of course, he is my son. he has my genes!!!

me: ah ah syempre

pero syempre din improvement sya kasi he also has his mother’s genes.

Gabriella: sip-sep!!!!!!


10:20 PM Gabriella: you just scored ten points with your tita flor

me: ahahaha

hi tita flor!!!!

posted it on fb.

Gabe D. (Sycamore High School) wrote
at 10:40pm on November 18th, 2006




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