life’s lessons

Plenty has happened in the past couple days. July 19th, I was at Candisse’s house for the 4th YFC household. That was lots of fun, and we got to talk about the plans for the next household, and also the soup kitchen. Gabriella also mentioned the MER in September, so we’re planning something for that as well, I think…

Sunday, we were working at the soup kitchen. We missed the Dalisays and the Gabriels, shame, but we had lots of fun all the same, and it felt really good… Monday, I went to Elder High school to watch Kimberly’s play. The play was about the book of Job, modernized. Beautiful play! I loved it! And Kimberly did great!!!

YESTERDAY was the household at our house… I learned a LOT. I think we did pretty good, we didn’t get super stressed out preparing or anything and I don’t think we fought that much yesterday despite panic-ness… LOL overall it was a good day! So what did I learn? WEEELLLLL….

I think I’ve learned how crazy it is for mum to have a house to manage, I understand better why she and dad always say that every little thing helps. I think I kind of know how mum and dad feel when they’re busy with something and the kids start to fight, and it’s VERY stressing!!! LOL I’ve learned to be happy with 3 siblings, and though I’ll be thankful for more, I won’t be begging for more any time soon! 6 is a good number for now… Best of all, though I don’t think I learned it to its fullest; I kind of lost it near the end of the day, but in the morning when I was cleaning and stuff, I ALMOST lost my temper with the kids, but I actually remembered to think! and count to 10! and I didn’t shout at them!!! LOL… I was still a bit short, though, and I think I sent them upstairs so I could clean the sala in peace, but I DIDN’T SHOUT! YAY! I was able to ask God for help, and though I think I could have been a bit nicer about it, I think I did ok for the most part.

Paolo got here first; we threw stars downstairs until Kuya Vin came, and Gabe, Gabriella, and Kimberly were with him. We missed Ate Candice, Candisse, and Jon, but I hope we see them soon… Worship was fun, though I rather think we got side-tracked during practice a couple times, but that’s ok… it was practice, and we were focused during the actual prayer… which was led by Paolo. Since we were running a tiny bit late, we blessed the food (led by Paco) after the scripture and sharing, and then split up for discussion, taking our food with us. The boys stayed in the dining room/sala, and I took the girls upstairs to my room. When we came back down, we found that no one had to leave right away; Kuya Vin had gotten a call from Tito Herman, and it turned out that he was coming to pick up the girls; Paolo was waiting for Tito Ver; Gabe was riding home with Tito Herman instead of Kuya Vin. So we all went downstairs for a bit more archery and stars…. That rockeddd… can’t wait to do it all again…

One of the first things Gabe asked me was, was there popsicles, which there wasn’t, unfortunately… but I baked a cake and muffins for the household, and the muffins were wheatless, eggless, and dairyless!!! And it was one of my experiments, with help and tips from mum ;-) Here’s a link the recipe…

Not a single muffin left for breakfast! and I made Paolo and Gabe bring home the last of the cake, cuz it’s BADD for my family LOL! But that’s ok… and I rather think Paolo forgot to protest the Redwall part… I sent 3 muffins home with Kuya Vin… Good household…


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