posting from overseas… III

february 21th pilipinas

night of the 16th we watched appendices. me and kuya biboy and ate mariel and pao and we had pizza yay! lol.

next day, tito nato and kuya biboy and mama and i went to sampalok lake. mama was tired, so the three of us walked around and she stayed at the steps. we got picsssss. kuya jhun picked us up from there; it was pure chance that he was driving by and he found us.

the next day, noel, ate mariel, kuya biboy, don-don, and i made spaghetti for everyone for dinner. we had been watching LOTR since about 9:30 am, cuz kuya biboy and i had finished the marathon, but noel wanted to finish it cuz he only got to watch fellowship, so he came over for tt and rotk. don-don came in near the end of rotk. such laughter. he was speaking english, and ate farina and ate mariel were there with nicole, and so i said something in tagalog to ate farina, and it seems that don-don thought that i didn’t speak or understand tagalog, that was why he had been speaking english. haha everyone was making fun of him because he asked me “where at you?” by which he meant where in the US was i and when i said ohio he said oh… ohio japan? ohhh boyyy everyone was laughing… plenty to laugh about that night.

anyway OMG naaliw si don-don at si noel sa food processor! so they wanted to do everything in there and watch everyone who was using it! i’d been using it for the garlic and they were just sitting there… staring. LOL it was hilarious. and so they wanted to take over and they did the onions and the tomatoes and they peppers and they wanted to do the mushrooms in there, too, but ate mariel and i didn’t let them. i was outside stirring the sauce, so ate went inside and taught them how to slice the mushrooms! they did pretty good. but don’t tell them i said so.

we were all outside (the 5 cooks) and i forgot how it came to it but don-don asked if i did karate ( was it something with the escrima inside?) and when they said yeah he said “i am a black belter!… in the next past years!” and we were all cracking up and kuya biboy asked if he didn’t mean the next couple years. everyone ate at tita nene’s.

yesterday, pao and i ate at kuya biboy’s; spaghetti, what else? hahahaha anyway we went to church before the party at tito jun’s. such funnnn!!!! pics and pics and pics and we played cards (ate mariel, ate baby, pao, and i) and i had plenty of fun with kevin and paolo and kuya dom and kuya jun… we went to noel’s house to transfer the pics from tito joe’s camera, and then we showed them on ate mariel’s laptop to everyone at the party. mama and papa had gone ahead to the party and i’d gone with kuya jhun, tito larry, ate baby, ate farina, nicole, ate mariel, and kuya biboy. i went home with tita nene, tita allyn, nicki, nicole, ate mariel, ate anna, and kuya biboy. we had spaghetti when we got home lol you would think we’d had enough at the party but… anyway ate mariel and kuya biboy and i watched star trek insurrection. kuya biboy has watched first contact! ohh i haven’t watched that in a while…

today we went to manila (the usual; kuya jhun, papa, mama, me, and kuya biboy) and saw tita julie and tito dante. was only with tito dante a few minutes. he gave me a present from ate nogie. it was stationary, so i wrote a thank you letter on it once we got back. we ate out with papa’s friends and tita julie. got plenty of pics and kuya biboy and kuya jhun and i went outside while everyone was still talking and eating and took lots of silly pics to pass time…

went to tita christy’s where mama made phone calls and everyone else slept and i finished ate vivian’s bracelet. dropped of kuya biboy and then came back here to san pablo. will blog again the night before we leave. mom, i’ve been getting pics at the resturants so i will food blog once i’m home. ttyl bysp_m!-ais:-)


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