The Balkan Wars 1821-1913

-southeast Europe; Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece
-Ottoman empire shrinking
-Balkan states demanded independence
-Russia, Austria-Hungary encouraged nationalism
Britain and Grmany supported Austria-Hungary; partly to keep Russia from gaining ice(the sea)
-1829 Greece declared independence
-1878 Serbia, Monte Negro, and Romania gained independence, Bulgaria gained self-government
-Austria-Hungary occupied Ottoman Bosnia to keep it from gaining Serbia
-Albania and Macedonia under Ottoman control
-Italy attacked Lybia held by Turkey
-treaty of Ouchy gave Tripoli to Italy
-1st Balkan War March of 1912; Serbia and Bulgaria had a secret treaty to attack Turkey and divide the Ottoman territory
-Serbia, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Greece vs. Turkey
-war ended with the treaty of London
-1912 Balkan war Albania declared independence
-Austria-Hungary supported Albania to stop Serbia from expanding
-1912 Ottoman Turks defeated
-June 1914 2nd Balkan war Serbia, Monte Negro, and Greece(former allies) vs. Bulgaria
-August treaty of Bucharest
-1903 Peter I king of Serbia
1906 Ferdinand I declared Bulgaria’s independence


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