Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and The Angel’s Command by Brian Jacques

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (Firebird) The Angel's Command

Chronological order – Read Castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Stop at The Village. Read all of Angel's Command. Read The Village, finish all of Castaways.

I won't write a long summary on either of these, because I think they're too good to ruin. You have to read them for yourself! I hope Brian Jacques writes more, I want to find out what happened to them when they left the village. Surely they weren't left to endure the curse forever?!?! While the Redwall series is for the younger crowd(but I haven't outgrown it!!!), Castaways and Angel's command are classified as Young Adult fiction, and I quite agree with it. Ben and Ned are an inseparable team. Ben is in his early teens. He and Ned share a special gift, they can hear each others' thoughts! Often they hold silent conversations; Ben often starts laughing for, what seems to the innocent passerby, no reason at all! Den has quite an interesting sense of humor.
It all starts when Ben runs away from home. He is a mute, and is abused by his father and brothers. He is taken aboard the Flying Dutchman. The captain of the Flying Dutchman is an evil man. When the he and his crew are tortured by the icy seas, forcing them far away from their destination, the captain curses everything; the crew, the seas, the skies, the Lord! The storm suddenly stops, and an angel appears. He tells the captain that for his blasphemy, he is cursed to live forever, sailing the seas, and all aboard the Flying Dutchman are cursed with him! Hell on earth… When the storm resumes after the angel departs, Ben and Ned are thrown overboard. As they drift along, helpless, the angel appears once more. While Ben and Ned are still cursed to live forever, for the pureness of their hearts, they are given new lives, and the power of speech. Well, Ben, anyway. Ned can only talk to Ben; no other human can hear his thoughts. Ned can communicate with other animals, although he finds that they are nowhere near as intelligent as he. Ben and Ned roam the world, giving of themselves what they can, doing good wherever they go, by the angel's command!

LOL one of the few books that I can say this about: I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVED THESE BOOKS, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!! I loved EVERYTHING about them(well, except for the fact that I wish there was more!!!) lol. check it out:-)


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