1702 – 1888

In the mid 1700s, people questioned the morality of slavery. Colonies depended on slaves, and slaves were used for trading. Between 1450 and 1870, over 45,000,000 slaves were captured. Only 15,000,000 survived being shipped; 30,000,000 died at sea. The slaves were stacked in ships, not able to move around. Most Europeans did not approve of slavery, but they did not think that there was any alternative, and to them, money came before morality, despite their concience. Still, some people protested against slavery. Between 1777 and 1804, slavery was made illegal in the northern part of the US. In 1831 somewhere in the south, Nat Turner led a revolt against slavery. All were hanged. Slavery finally became totally illegal in the US in 1863, in Cuba in 1886, and in Brazil in 1888.


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