LOL when they got home from shopping,

we learned that mom had brought home a live lobster. So Yena was saying, “It donna bite me!” and dad replied, “No, you’re gonna bite it!”, and then we were laughing cuz I poured water on the lobster(mom set it free on the deck) to get a reaction out of it, and later they said I was mean, torturing the lobster…LOL dad couldn’t pick it up with the tongs, so mom brought the pot of boiling water outside on to the deck and we put the lobster in(and dad put it in upside down, too) and watched it turn red(“I’m cooking…I’m cooking!” [instead of “I’m melting…I’m melting!”]) and, poor thing(not!), I think it is in the pot on the stove right now. Oh, well…YUM!!! (I’m so mean, aren’t I?)



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