Rakkety Tam by Brian Jacques

Rakkety Tam (Redwall, Book 17)

Rakkety Tam MacBurl and his best friend, Doogy Plumm, are Highland squirrels. Both are warriors, and warriors always thirst for adventure. Some of their friends are killed by vermin, and a certain flag stolen. Tam and Doogy set out to find the flag.
Gulo the Savage is a wolverine, bloodthirsty and insane. Gulo murdered his father and is pursuing his brother, Askor, whom he claims stole the Walking Stone. The Walking Stone is a symbol of power. Gulo means to find the Stone and kill his brother.
Lady Melesme, Badger Lady of Salamandastron, learns of a great force of vermin that massacred a troop of her Long Patrol hares. These hares were headed towards Redwall Abbey bearing a drum, a gift from Lady Melesme. The drum was stolen, and her hares literally torn apart. Something had eaten of their flesh and left the rest in a bloody heap. Lady Melseme sends the rest of the Long Patrol(save a few to defend Salamandastron, if needed) to find the drum, and see it safe to Redwall.
Sister Armel is a mouse who lives at Redwall Abbey. She knows nothing of war and violence. Neither does her best friend, Brooky the ottermaid. Both are peaceful creatures. One day, they hear a strange tale from two travelers who have returned home to Redwall. They had passed a creature that they had never seen before, while traveling through Mossflower wood on some stormy night. The creature died trapped under a tree, refusing all help, and threatening to eat any who came near. This creature called himself Askor, and before he died, he cried out that Gulo would never find the Walking Stone. Who was Gulo and what on earth was the Walking Stone? This was how news of Gulo the Savage first came to Redwall. Martin the Warrior visits Armel in a dream, telling her that she must deliver his sword to one whom he calls the "border", and that she and Brooky must leave Redwall to find him. The one who will bear his sword will defend Redwall Abbey from the vermin that have arrived in Mossflower.
Armel and Brooky set out, bringing the sword of Martin with them. Gulo the Savage has arrived in Mossflower, in search of his brother and the Stone. Doogy and Tam find that the flag had been stolen by Gulo and his horde of vermin, and so they track Gulo through Mossflower. The Long Patrol are also tracking Gulo, trying to find the drum that Lady Melesme sent to Redwall. Soon all these creatures will meet in battle before the gates of Redwall Abbey.


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